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Cwmbran is a town in the South East region of Wales, a constituent country within the united Kingdom. Cwmbran lies on the edge of the South Wales Coalfield which lies beneath a band of limestone. Extensive quarrying during the late 19th - early 20th centuries gave first exposure to the cave systems that riddle the locality. Since these earliest excavations, systems have been discovered and extended which are some of the most complex & largest systems in the UK.

Cwmbran Caving Club are heavily involved in the area and members have been instrumental in the digging and exploration of these caves.

Cwmbran Cavers are also involved in the Cave rescue scene


The "sport" of caving can hold attractions for a diverse range of people from all walks of life. It can satisfy those with a thirst for the sporting/physical challenge. It can be fascinating scientifically, or it can have a purely aesthetic appeal. There can be inherent danger in the cave environment, but like all pastimes, if done properly, and with the correct equipment, the dangers are probably less than the average person undertakes traveling to work. Caves, due to the combination of restricted access and the physical difficulty, are by nature one of the last unspoiled natural resources on the planet. They are also the winter "home" of hibernating species such as bats. There are also insects like moths wintering there. They, along with the caves we visit deserve respect. Many of the formations have been millions of years in the making and are extremely delicate. You should NEVER remove any natural feature from a cave. An old cave saying says-

"Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs"

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It cannot be emphasized enough then, JOIN A REPUTABLE CAVING CLUB !

Local Caving Clubs.
If you have never been caving or are new to the activity then membership of a club is essential both for cave access and more importantly, SAFETY. There are a number of reputable clubs operating in the area. Two of these are "on the doorstep" of the caves subject of these pages. These are our own club Cwmbran, and our friends in the  Brynmawr club.  Remember that the correct equipment for caving is not cheap, particularly the most important item ,lighting. Club members usually have spare equipment and are only too willing to lend it to people wishing to try the sport.


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